Attractive and Low Price Maintenance Packages

How it Works

  • Packages are pre-purchased blocks of hours, wherein the more hours you buy, the more of a discounted rate it is.
  • When you have an update, send us the details and we’ll take care of it within 24-48 hours.
  • We track our time by the minute under your block of hours, so will never charge you “an hour’s time” for what was only a 15 minute update.
  • Packages are good for one year from purchase, and you can request updates at any time.
  • We keep a detailed log of all updates and accounting for time spent which we can provide to you whenever you like.
  • We quickly become familiar with your website and how it works, making ongoing updates more efficient (saves you money).

What We Consider to Be “ Update” Work

Typical types of website updates might include:

  • Adding new content (images, video, new pages, etc).
  • Designing visual elements (need a new banner image, a new button, promo graphic, etc).
  • Technical assistance
  • Technical updates.
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