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Visitor Analysis Report

What will visitor analysis report tell you? Web Designing

  • The number of visitors that are reaching your website.
  • How they got there – for instance — through a paid ad, finding you organically, from referring traffic, through an affiliate program, etc.
  • How long your visitors are staying on your site once they get there.
  • How many page views your site has overall.
  • Where your visitors are located (Country and City).
  • Which percentage of your visitors have already been to your site or are first time visitors?
Managing Company Page

Facebook, Google plus ,twitter and LinkedIn

International Clocks

Multiple Languages

Integrated Email

Integrate company emial with exsiting email

Responsive website

Add to Google Map

Search Engine Optimization

Your site will appear in search results

My Business Listing

Google, YP, yelp

Currency Exchange

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