Unethical Activities will lead to terminate the contract without prior Notice

  1. Minimum 5 sets need to be finished to complete the project.
  2. We will set milestone after finishing 1 set.
  3. Rate is 1550 entries(one set) = LKR 1000
  4. After 5 sets it will be reduced to 999 entries = LKR 1000( depend on your work I may be reduced before this)
  5. Duplicate entries will not counted(same entries may be repeated)
  6. Accuracy is must if our checker find mistake 5 project automatically project will be terminated without notice.

How to work

  1. Every Entry should have following Rows
  • Field
  • E-mail
  • Mobile Number
  • Gender
  • Country


  1. Field should be entered standard format  for example. Use Accounting only without use one account other accountant, or accountant
  2. We will provide Google account where PDF already uploaded you need to download that
  3. There are a Google sheet as well which should be used to enter ( instead of excel)



  1. There are small team with you they also enter as same as you.  their Google sheets also will be shared with you.  you need to check duplicates in the well –
  2. it means  before entering to you sheet you need to search others  sheets (only one sheet) by using email address if have you need NOT to enter that


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