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Are you guaranteed to get the job

Honestly, we can not guarantee. We are sending email to all company email address which we have. if the particular position vacant there. they will call you. However that depends. that is not in our control Therefore we cannot guarantee.

We got positive feedback from job seekers who used our email marketing.

Is this real or fake

Last 2 years, we are collecting the email addresses of the Qatar based companies. No fake email address in our database. we are not considering the quantity of the email.We consider the quality of the emails

E-Marketers emails are considered spam or promotion. Not going to inbox how about you

We are not sending the email by using email marketing software. We send Just normal email by using our company email therefore which will not  be considered as spam or promotion which will go directly to inbox

How many emails are in the database.

In our database more than 10,000 emails are available, However, truly, around 3000 are good emails. 

Are all email Qatar companies’ email address

In our database more 95%  emails are Qatar based emails, However, 5 % which is in generally in multinational companies’. HR department may not be in Qatar. Sometimes they have only one HR department for middle east which is in Dubai. These kinds of the situations that email addresses are  particular country’s

How can I pay

1. Pay Cash: Al Sadd and Abu Hamour
2. Bank Deposit: CQB- Commerical Bank of Qatar
3. Online: VISA or MasterCard

Personal package

Email with only your detail
  • Sender name: looking for job
  • Subject: your subject
  • Content: your contents
  • Attachment: You CV and cover letter
  • 2 Times: QAR: 250

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